Photo Gallery

Class Photos from 2022

At last, after a couple of very disrupted years due to the COVID pandemic, most of our classes are underway in 2022. The photos below will reflect the cautious way that we have begun 2022. While you may not be able to see smiling faces, everyone is very happy to be enjoying the interaction and friendship that are an integral part of U3A Hawkesbury.

Circle Dancing is a new activity for 2022, and the students are really enjoying it. A great thing about circle dancing is that you don’t need a partner. Our group leader is Rae McCully. And I think that you will enjoy their motto, in the first photo:


Sonia Friscic leads our World History group, which is an exploration of the big view of history – the rise and fall of civilisations over many millennia.


Our Old Time Dancing troupe enjoying a work-out doing the Canadian Three-step, with instructions on the finer points by Pam Lawson. New members are always welcome, with or without a partner. A very happy bunch.

Tatting, led by Liz Anderson, with some examples of the intricate and beautiful work the group members create:

Bonjour Mesdames: Our “French Continuers“, led by Jean Pitkin, are enjoying being back in conversation


Class photos from 2021

Birds of The Hawkesbury Group at Ebenezer 

It is great to have classes and activities up and running in 2021. Here are some photos from the first classes of the new year. Click on each photo to see the full size version.

 Birds of the Hawkesbury Group, led by Ken Fraser, enjoying their outdoor class at Pugh’s Lagoon

In Looking at Literature 1, the group, convened by Jan Brown, reads and discusses classic and prize winning literature including novels, poetry, plays and children’s books

In our Shibashi group, Jeanette Hatch leads the class in gentle Tai Chi exercises to relax the mind and body.

Members enjoying Tabletop Games, led by Pam Peters: 

The Ethics group, led by Ian Biddle, has returned to continue to explore many of the complex ethical issues that arise at a personal, national and international level:

A brand new course has commenced in 2021: World History, led by Sonia Friscic. This course covers “the peopling of the world” including the rise of language, writing and religion, the movement of peoples and the rise and fall of empires from the ancient world until now.

Bonjour encore to the band of “French Continuers A”, led by Jean Pitkin:

Welcome back to our Mahjong players, led by Pam Peters:

Participants in our “Modern Day Technologies” class, led by Ray Hart, are busily learning to excel in their use of their smartphones and tablets:

Our “Photography for fun” class, led by Julie Wilson, appears to be living up to the name:

Course photos from 2020

We had to change the nature of our activities during 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click on each photo to see a full-sized image.

Here is a photo of our new way of participating in the Philosophy class, on-line via Zoom. Many thanks to the tutor, Roger Packham, for setting this up. The group members look like they are having an enjoyable time.

And our Shiabshi group members have continued their gentle exercise regime at home, using a video showing the Tutor, Jeanette Hatch, demonstrating the exercises. Many thanks to Julie Wilson for recording the video and to Jeanette for distributing the DVDs and USB sticks to members.




The U3A Croquet group led by Carol Boendermaker. After weeks of extreme temperatures followed by heavy rain, this group is glad to be back on the “lawn” on a lovely mild morning. (Yes, croquet is played on a lawn, not a pitch or a field or a rink or a court). Anyone for croquet?


Patchwork Friends, led by Lyn Richardson. This group enjoys making quilts for the children’s ward at Hawkesbury Hospital, and sharing useful ideas and techniques, as well as lots of conversation and fun. There’s always room for more group members.

Ellen Jordan leads this stimulating, new U3A course titled: “Women’s work in the 19th Century in Great Britain and Australia”. Through this course, the group members will gain a better understanding of the often unwritten history of the women of the period – perhaps their ancestors.

Students enjoying drawing with charcoal, led by tutor Laurie Forth

Bonjour to our more advanced “French Continuers” class, led by Jean Pitkin


Great concentration from our keen old-time dancers.

And it is terrific to see them smiling as well, following our talented leader Denise Matthews.

The Modern Day Technology group, led by Ray Hart, tackling new apps and settings on smartphones and tablets.

Julie Wilson leads this enthusiastic group. The course is called Photography Fun and involves classroom activities and interesting outings, where the new knowledge and skills are put into practice.


2020 Annual General Meeting, held 29 January

The AGM was well attended by members

Members enjoying morning tea following the AGM:

Winners of the Valerie Tabet Encouragement Award for Writing announced:

At the 2020 AGM, the winners of the Valerie Tabet Encouragement Awards for Writing were announced and celebrated. Pictured above are winners Maureen Handley (left) and Janine Dray (right) with U3A President Geoff Hatch

Photos of some classes in 2019:

Some photos from the Tuesday Table Tennis group. A fun way to keep fit and polish up those hand-eye coordination skills.


Birds of the Hawkesbury class on a field trip to Wheeny Creek in Wollemi National Park

Now … which direction did that bird go?

The Ethics class, led by Ian Biddle. This group tackles ethical questions arising from politics, social issues and personal experience. Very stimulating discussions.

The U3A Watercolour Art class. Members of this creative group are encouraged and supported to paint pictures of their own choice, using their own style.

Our Tai Chi class, led by Margarete Formanek. A great combination of fitness, balance, concentration and posture.

Old Time Dancing, at North Richmond Community Centre, led by Denise Matthews

Scholars from one of our U3A French classes, led by Dianne Lanham

Mobile devices. led by Ray Hart

Philosophy, led by Doug Craigie.

The U3A Ukulele Group, led by Denise Lazdans.

Enthusiastic and talented artists in the Art Classes, led by Deidre Morrison.

A very keen group of Samba players, led by Pam Peters

Book Discussion Group, led by Wendy Dunstan

Winners from the inaugural Hawkesbury U3A Writing Competition in 2018:

Ian Biddle judge, Meg Shepherd winner, Geoff Hatch president, Rhonda Green winner, Valerie Tabet (dec.) winner, Penny Fraser judge, Carole Boendermaker winner, Rae McCully judge, Mike Watson (dec.) winner